5th Sunday, June 5

Here is a list of projects for our "5th Sunday" (June 5) that you can plug into. Please let Lisa DeKryger or Doug Rietema know where you are interested in serving:


~Pine Trails – clearing out underbrush to make way for a walking trail, general playground clean-up, raking, leaf removal, removing dead trees. (15-20 people, team leader: Curt DeKryger)


~Loads of Love – bring your coins on the next two Sundays to support this effort to help pay for people's laundry down at the laundromat on June 5. (5-8 people, team leader: Jody Black)


~Prayer walking team – see where the Holy Spirit leads you as you prayer walk and open your eyes to needs that you see around you and then act to meet those needs. Doug Rietema will lead this group.(5-10 people, team leader: Doug Rietema)


~Casseroles of Kindness – help prepare some tasty recipes and load up a freezer with meals that can be handed out to new moms or people who are experiencing the death of a loved one or other stressful times. Location will be at the Rietema's home.(8-10 people, team leader: Cindy Rietema)


We are checking on some other possibilities, too, and will let you know when we get more information. We would like to see everyone plug in somewhere! Please consider how you will serve your community on June 5. If you have come up with your own project, please let Doug and I know.   We will conclude our day with a potluck dinner at the Rietema's home at 4:00 pm.  Looking forward to an exciting day!

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