5th Sunday – June 5

“Everyone of them is Jesus in disguise”

                                          ~Mother Teresa

This Sunday we have the sacred privilege of serving our community in the name of Jesus. Not only that but Jesus tells us in Matthew 25:40: “‘when you (served) one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to Me!’ ”  I think that’s why Mother Teresa called the folks that she served in the slums of Calcutta, “Jesus in disguise”.


As we get ready to go out and serve this Sunday I’d like to challenge us to pray that we can begin to see the people we serve as “Jesus in disguise”.  Let’s love them and be gracious to them and let’s realize that we’re not just raking, or baking, or cleaning, or repairing, or paying for laundry, but rather these things are a holy opportunity to demonstrate to these precious folks the hope of the universal reign of God in Christ!

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