Thoughts on the Moravian Text – 9/18/14

Do I know you

John 1:1-13

“…10 He came into the very world He created, but the world didn’t recognize Him. 11 He came to His own people, and even they rejected Him.”

As I read this very familiar passage today I found myself wondering if Jesus showed up today, would we recognize Him?

I mean Jesus, showed up in Israel 2000 years ago and was something completely different than the religious folks were expecting, so who are we to think we’d be any different? Historically we religious folks talk an awful lot about becoming like Jesus, but I think we, like the Jewish leaders of Jesus’ time, often put more effort into making Jesus look like us than the other way around.

In reality, if Jesus of Nazareth showed up in one of our churches next Sunday morning He probably would be an oddball. He’d most likely be wearing worn jeans and work boots (He was a construction worker, you know), He wouldn’t be nearly as enamored with our wonderful church buildings as we are, and He’d probably also have a much different take on many of the theological doctrines we take for granted.

He’d be a guy who had probably been out at the bar or a party the night before and was probably hanging out with a bunch of other people that would never even darken our churches’ doorstep and, in all honesty, may not be very welcome in many of those churches if they did come.

It’s my hope that I come to know this Jesus, the REAL Jesus, so well in this life that when I finally do see Him face to face that our meeting is like two old friends coming together in a tearful reunion after a long separation.

That when I see Him I will know immediately, “Yep, that’s Him!  I’d recognize Him anywhere!”

It is my greatest desire to know Jesus in this way, and I hope it is yours, too.

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