I’m with You, Heart and Soul!

Moravian Text – 1 Samuel 14:1-40

forearm shake

In the passage today Jonathan, the son of Saul, goes rogue.  While Saul and his 600 men camp at a safe distance Jonathan, who doesn’t really like “playing it safe” sneaks away and, in an oddly prophetic way, picks a fight with the Philistine army.  This causes a God-inspired panic among the Philistines and they are routed when Saul finally brings his men to join the fight.

But what caught my attention today was verse 7:

7 “Do all that you have in mind,” his armor-bearer said. “Go ahead; I am with you heart and soul.”

~ 1 Samuel 14:7

Jonathan is the hero of the story – the general, the king’s son, the up front guy.  Yet this unnamed armor bearer is there right at his side, fighting along side him “heart and soul”.  He is risking everything that Jonathan is risking, only without the glory and name recognition.  There is something powerful and life giving about having friends like this.   Someone who, when you suggest something “out of the box” or down right crazy, looks you in the eye and tells you, “come hell or high water, I’m with you!”

God designed me to be a starter and to go to places and to do things that haven’t been done before and in ways they haven’t been done before.  I am so thankful that God has surrounded me with those kinds of people – my wife, Michele, my kids, Curt and Lisa DeKryger, and so many others who have stood shoulder to shoulder with me and said, “I’m with you, heart and soul!”…even when God is leading us to do something crazy.

Sure, Jonathan gets his name in the book, but he doesn’t win the battle without his armor bearer.

Thank you to all of you unsung armor bearers out there!

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