Can Jesus Trust Me?

Moravian Text – John 2:12-25


Just yesterday I was talking with one of the people in a huddle I am leading and there is a young mother who seems to be a person of peace to he and his wife.  The problem though, as he saw it, was that she was already a believer.  So the question I could see in his mind was, is she someone worth pouring into if she’s already come to faith?

My answer was a resounding “Yes!”  And we see why in v. 23-25 in today’s Moravian Text reading of the Gospel of John:

“23 Because of the miraculous signs Jesus did in Jerusalem at the Passover celebration, many began to trust in Him. 24 But Jesus didn’t trust them, because He knew all about people. 25 No one needed to tell Him about human nature, for He knew what was in each person’s heart.”

~ John 2:23-25

Here is a group of people who have encountered Jesus in the flesh and seen with their own eyes that He was the promised Messiah and have placed their trust in Him, yet Jesus didn’t trust them yet.

This teaches us a lesson that just because someone has trusted in Jesus doesn’t mean that they are trustworthy for the Kingdom work yet.  I’m not talking about salvation here, there are tons of people who have entered into a covenant relationship with God, who love Jesus and go to church on Sunday but haven’t gone through the process of discipleship and received the pruning away of their human nature so that the divine nature – what Paul refers to as the Fruit of the Spirit – can be revealed.  It’s when this happens that we become trustworthy to take on the responsibility of the Kingdom.

At the Bridge we are in the process of building a discipling culture.  It’s a long process because true disciples of Jesus are not made overnight.  It takes time.  It’s what we call “Revolution at an Evolutionary Pace”.  To be discipled is the hardest thing you will ever do but it is priceless and will change your world forever!

For more information on what a building a discipling culture entails you can email me at:

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