You are Welcome!

Person showing welcome

20 I tell you the truth, anyone who welcomes My messenger is welcoming Me, and anyone who welcomes Me is welcoming the Father who sent Me.”

~ John 13:20

So often I run into the grocery store or into a gas station or wherever, I do what I need to do, and I head off without giving it, or the people there, a second thought.  I forget this amazing truth from John 13:20 that wherever I go, I am bringing the presence of God with me.  And as a follower of Jesus, when I interact with people in my daily life I should be offering them an opportunity to connect with Jesus and the Father.

Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t have some weird Messiah complex or anything, but Jesus tells us in this passage that someone who welcomes us isn’t just welcoming us but Jesus and the Father Who sent Him.

This truth should fill me with awe and trembling, realizing the wonderful privilege and massive responsibility that I have in even the most mundane tasks of my life – I am bringing the presence of God to people who desperately need Him, merely by my presence because He lives in me.  But are my attitude, my demeanor, my words – in short my interactions – with these people helping or hurting their chances of meeting Him?

My encouragement for all of us today is to START thinking about evangelism, but to STOP thinking of it as some sort of uncomfortable and dreaded spiritual drive-by-shooting.

Instead, begin to intentionally make every interaction we have with others an invitation to welcome us into deeper relationship.  Start asking yourself, “Who is open to me?”  “Who is welcoming me?”

Let’s live lives and be people that will cause others to want to welcome us into their lives.  This is true evangelism because by doing this, according to our passage, they will also be welcoming Jesus and the Father into their lives as well.

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