What is the Bridge?

The Bridge is a community of Jesus followers who are serving the City of Allegan and Allegan County in order to demonstrate the possibility of hope and God’s goodness.  We believe that following Jesus is not about waiting to go somewhere when we die but announcing and demonstrating God’s Kingdom here and now.

We want to be a community that reflects the love of Jesus. Everyone is welcome, with no prerequisites of church background or prior belief. Bring your faith and your doubt, your joy and your tears, your praise and your selfishness. We’re not perfect, but we’ll love you as best as we can.

We’re here to meet people where they’re at in their lives and relationships and to invite them to cross together with us in this journey of faith. We say, “cross together” because we know none of us has arrived and we all need others to help us discover who we are, who God is and His plan for our lives.

Our History

The Bridge was started in 2008 as a church plant from Gun Lake Community Church in Wayland, MI. We started with the premise that church wasn’t an hour long event that happened every Sunday morning, but rather something that happened Monday through Saturday that we celebrated together on Sundays.

We also believed that God was at work in the city of Allegan, Allegan County and west Michigan, so if we were going to join Him in His work, we needed to get outside of our four walls and into beautiful mess of the streets, neighborhoods and lives that surrounded us.

The Bridge is an extended family on mission together. Working together to live and lead like Jesus to help restore the life giving Kingdom of God to west Michigan.


We desire to live the balanced life that we see in how Jesus lived His life…

– a life of Up, In, and Out.  

UP  – We connect to God through our worship services – powerful, contemporary worship, prayer, giving, and teaching and study of God’s Word.

IN – We have a commitment to sharing life with one another in community.  Choosing to reject our society’s pattern of isolation and to intentionally commit to inclusive community, sharing our lives as an extended family on mission.  Some, but not all, of the ways we do this are Connection Events, Missional Communities and discipleship.

OUT – We connect to the community of Allegan through our 5th Sundays and other service opportunities.  A commitment to encourage our folks in a lifestyle of service and mission to others both individually and corporately. Providing resources and opportunities in the daily mission work of life.


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