Reformed-Church-in-America1Though we may not look like a traditional Reformed church in practice, the Bridge is part of the Reformed Church in America, and we are grateful for the love, support and friendships that we have in this Transformed and Transforming denomination.




The Bridge’s mission is to work with God to restore His Kingdom in west Michigan through transforming lives.  This life transformation comes through discipleship, community, and living life as family on mission and we have learned so much about all three of these areas from our partnership with 3dm.

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The Bridge is a partner church of the Antioch School of Church Planting and Leadership Development where any Bridge-attender can enroll in non-traditional, fully accredited programs for their bachelor’s, master’s, and even doctorate degrees, for a very reasonable cost, all without leaving Allegan.

Visit: to find out more.




families victorious logo

The Bridge is happy to partner with Families Victorious which focuses on building relationships to help meet the spiritual needs of those and their families who struggle with addiction for the purpose of reconciliation with God, each other, the community at large and to find freedom from the bondage of addiction in their lives.

Click here for more information on how to connect with the Bridge’s Families Victorious Meeting.


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