what to expect on sundays

We know how much anxiety there can be coming to a new place where you feel like you’re the only one who doesn’t know what was going on. To Bridge_Seth and Samhelp you avoid that awful feeling and to make you feel more comfortable, here are some commonly asked questions:

How should I dress?

We are a very laid back group, everyone is welcome and you can wear what you want!

What time should I get there?

We start at 10:30 am so get there five or ten minutes before that so we can say hi, you can grab a cup of coffee or lemonade and you can find a seat.

How long is the service?

It can vary, but our service time usually lasts about an hour and 15 minutes.

What about my kids?

Families worship together for the first 20-30 minutes.  When the music is over, kids from nursery through 5th grade are excused for their own classes:

  •     Li’l K for Nursery & Preschool, infants – Kindergarten
  •     Ignite for grades 1st-5th (click here for more info on kids)
  •     Jr. & Sr. high school students are a vital part of the church and stay in the main service on Sundays


What is the music like?

What can we say?  The Bridge Worship Team rocks!  We don’t mean to brag, but you will be hard-pressed to find a better group of musicians either in or out of the church.

What are the services like? 

Our meeting times are very laid back.  The deep truths of the Bible are taught in a straightforward way that normal folks can understand.

Questions and comments are welcomed and encouraged.  We stress authenticity in our lives and relationships – plastic smiles and fake-ness are highly discouraged.  We laugh…a lot, and sometimes we cry.  If you need someone to talk to or pray with, we are always ready and willing.


Will I be singled out as a guest?

We will NEVER single you out in the service as a visitor!  We will greet you when we see you (we are very friendly folks),  but you won’t be asked to stand up, or say anything or wear a special name tag.  We want you to be comfortable and enjoy your time with us.

Will someone from the church contact me?

Absolutely not!  We are not selling a product, we are an extended family on mission together.  It is our belief that it’s your choice to be a part of the family and mission Bridge or not.  The Church is about being in relationship with God and with each other, not an institution.  The only calls you will get will be from the friends that you make here.

More Questions?

If you have other questions, please contact us at 269-509-6458 or tellmemore@thebridgeinallegan.com.

Hope we see you Sunday!


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