Hearing the Shepherd’s Voice

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We can’t hope to be the disciples that Jesus called us to be until we hone our skill of hearing God’s guiding voice for us, what author Cath Livesey calls, “the now word of God.”  This message, from January 17, 2016, gives us some practical steps towards hearing our Shepherd’s voice.

The Power of Worship

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Worship is not just an appetizer that whets our appetite for the meal of the sermon…though that’s how we’ve treated it.  Instead, in the Bible, worship, praise, and thanksgiving are powerful weapons that tears down walls and uproots the enemy strongholds.  Worship changes the world.


Tabernacle Week #2 – The Gate

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In this installment of our Tabernacle series we  see that the gate of the Tabernacle communicates to us that their is only ONE Way to access the one, true God, a royal, heavenly, sacrificial Way.

Blood Moons – Something is Happening

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This week (which was the Biblical Feast of Rosh Hashana), as I walked up front to share the message, I felt the tug of God telling me that I needed to change my plan and, instead, talk about what was going on with the 4 blood moons this year and their significance in the Jewish calendar.  As I state in the talk, I’m not saying what is happening, I’m just saying that SOMETHING is happening.

Tabernacle Wk #1 – An Overview

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This sermon begins an exciting series through the Tabernacle and the beautiful pictures we see of Jesus and His work in each of the furniture pieces there.

Submit to One Another…yikes

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Serve Others

This message covers a very controversial passage in Ephesians 5 and 6 dealing with wives submitting and slaves obeying.  Pretty rough stuff out of context, but when we look at the WHOLE passage and read it in the context that it was written in, we find that rather than being soul killing and oppressive, it is actually LIFE GIVING and REVOLUTIONARY.  Just what we should expect from God’s word.

Imitating God So That Others Can Enter the Kingdom

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Live a Life of Love

To imitate God MEANS to live a life of love.  It’s not a cop out, it’s not cheap theology, it is one of the deepest mysteries of God and the most powerful force in the universe.  God is love and love is what will draw people into the Kingdom.