Revelation – Week #18 – Chapters 14, 15, 16 – 7 Bowls of Wrath

This week at the Bridge in Allegan we fast forwarded a bit in our quest to finish our study of Revelation, taking more of an overview of chapters 14, 15, and 16, hitting some highlights and unearthing God’s goodness and mercy in the midst of His final judgments on earth.

Revelation – Week #17 – The Antichrist – Part 3, The False Prophet, and the Mark of the Beast

Silhouette of Man

This week we finished up our discussion on the Antichrist with a look at some really bad teaching that is out there in the Church.  We also looked at the False Prophet (the Beast out of the earth), and the mark of the Beast.


Revelation Timeline by Chapter - Me -2-3-18





Revelation – Week #16 – The Antichrist, Part 2

Silhouette of Man


This week we continued our study on the coming of the Antichrist and how we can see the lead up to his rise (Daniel 7), his actual rise to power (Daniel 11), and how he will rule (Revelation 13).

We also took some time to look at some of the orthodox Jewish beliefs on the end times and how they will undoubtedly play into the story of Revelation.





Revelation – Week #12 – Christmas in Revelation


On Christmas Eve we looked at John’s Christmas story in Revelation 11.  We focused on the three main characters in that story – the Woman, the Male Child, and the Red Dragon, as well as John’s Christmas message, and challenge, to us: REJOICE!  We overcome the accuser by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony – so we should dedicate ourselves to bringing our testimony of God’s goodness and victory to the folks who cross our path.

Merry Christmas!

Sorry, the beginning is cut off this week .  Basically, what you missed was we just read Revelation 11 and identified the Male child as Jesus and that He was “snatched up to God”.

Revelation – Week #11 – The “Angel” and the Little Scroll


This week we discussed Revelation chapter 11 and the Mighty “Angel” Who comes from heaven, Who He is and the identity of the little scroll in His hand, as well as the possible roots of the Seven Thunders.


Don’t be intimidated by the 1+ hour run time on this message, jokes, announcements, and a testimony are on the front end.

My latest attempt at a Revelation timeline by chapter as I see it unfolded in Scripture.  This can and will change as we go!

Revelation Timeline by Chapter - Me